IMAC Guide

Upon your arrival the following needs to be on your agenda:

Health insurance
Work permit
Personal information to provide to HR (document received with your contract)
Camipro card and Swiss Railways (CFF) ½ price pass (both to coordinate with Carole Weissenberger)
Administrative support:
Carole Weissenberger is available at IMAC on Tuesday, Thursday morning and Friday. She will take care of all your administrative questions and problems.
Please note that every evening doors must be locked and windows closed, particularly in the summer when evening thunderstorms are common. If you are the last to leave, please lock the lab entrance door(s).
Mail addressed to you will be placed in office GC G1 547. A tray with your name is available behind the door. Please give your out-going mail to C. Weissenberger. Please don’t forget to put the lab stamp and the bar-code on the envelope.
Office supplies:
Stock of material for your professional use is available in room GC G1 547 in the cupboards. Please inform C. Weissenberger when you take the last item or write it down on the sheet of paper available. Any special material can be ordered upon request.
Kitchen and coffee corner:
You are kindly requested to keep all the shared spaces clean and tidy (including seminar rooms, coffee corner, corridors, toilets). Please wash your own dishes. A fridge and microwave are at your disposal. Please keep them clean and don’t leave any expired food in the fridge.
A Nespresso coffee machine is available. You can buy Nespresso capsules at the administrative office for CHF 5.50 for a box of 10.
If you would like to use the water fountain, the cost is CHF 7.- per month. Please register with C. Weissenberger if you are interested.
Absences, vacation or professional leaves:
You have to use the EPFL absence system. You must register your vacation as well as any other absences for: sickness, conference, workshop, external duties. The administrative assistant will be pleased to show you how to use the system. It is accessible either on under “intranet” and “absences” or on the EPFL website under
A travel authorization must be given for all business travel abroad. An expense claim will be prepared once the travel is over. For travel in Switzerland the use of the train is recommended.  We have access to the CFF system “ticketshop”. Contact C. Weissenberger early for all arrangements regarding your trips in Switzerland and abroad. Flights should be reserved two months in advance.
Seminar rooms:
We have 2 seminar rooms available at IMAC. For booking please go to and click on “intranet” and then “booking seminar room”.
IMAC library:
A small collection of books and conference proceedings is located in room GC G1 515 (seminar room). You are welcome to borrow any of the books. A form should be filled in with your name, title of the book and identification number (i.e. S-Stru-026) and the date. Please return the books or documents to C. Weissenberger. A complete list of books and documents is available on under “intranet” and “library”.
Thank you for your understanding and attention.