Date Type Subject Speaker Language Duration
14.02.2006 IMAC Le Corbusier, Xenakis, Chandigahr et le Capitole Mylène DEVAUX French 15min
21.03.2006 IMAC Thesis Presentation Christian GREIFENHAGEN English 45min
11.04.2006 IS Self Diagnosis and Self Repair Bernard ADAM English 30min
09.05.2006 IMAC Conference Preparation Prof. Ian F.C. SMITH English 30min
16.05.2006 IS Evaluation de la vulnérabilité sismique des bâtiments existants du type Suisse Dr. Youssef BELMOUDEN French 30min
20.06.2006 IMAC Multiple-Model System Identification Suraj RAVINDRAN English 15min
20.06.2006 IS Stochastic Modeling and Reliability Analysis in Geotechnics and Structures Prof. Quevedo (Cuba) English 45min
22.06.2006 IMAC Self-Aware and Learning Structures Bernard ADAM English 15min
22.06.2006 IMAC Combining two Data Mining Techniques for System Identification Sandro SAITTA English 15min
22.06.2006 IMAC Conference Preparation Prof. Benny RAPHAEL (Singapore) English 15min
23.06.2006 IMAC Novel concepts in phase shifting interferometry and its application to holographic moiré Abhijit PATIL English 40min
23.06.2006 IS Multi-objective optimisation Prof. Benny RAPHAEL (Singapore) English 15min
11.07.2006 IS Dynamic Planning and Control of Civil Infrastructure Systems Development Prof. Feniosky Peña-Mora (USA) English 45min
21.07.2006 IS An Option Based Model for Evaluating ADR Investments in Design and Construction Projects Prof. Feniosky Peña-Mora (USA) English 45min
06.09.2006 IS Performance based optimal seismic retrofitting of yielding plane frames using added viscous damping Robert LEVY (Israel) English 30min
24.10.2006 IS Détermination de la résistance latérale de voiles en maçonnerie Dr. Pierino LESTUZZI French 30min
21.11.2006 IS Do you cluster better than the computer? Sandro SAITTA English 30min