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Engineering Impact Awards

A paper submitted by Dr. Gennaro Senatore titled “Adaptive Structures: Stiffer, Lighter, Slenderer” has been selected as one of two finalists in the Precision Control category for the 2017 Engineering Impact Awards by National Instruments (NI) for the application’s excellence in precision control.
The Engineering Impact Awards is an annual technical paper contest for which engineers, scientists, and researchers from around the globe submit papers featuring their most impactful and technically challenging applications. The focus of the award is on the business, scientific and societal impacts the finalists’ application have had or will have. The paper can be accessed here on the National Instruments website.

Best Paper Award

Pai, S. G. S., Nussbaumer, A., and Smith, I. F. C. “Traffic-based condition assessment and fatigue-life predictions for a highway bridge.”

In the paper competition organized by the Technical Committee on Methods of Monitoring Structural Performance at the ASCE Structures Congress 2017, Denver, CO April 6 – 8, 2017

Les infrastructures en quête de jeunesse éternelle

Il est encore difficile d’analyser la sécurité des ponts vieillissants et d’autres structures en dur, ce qui limite les options lorsque ces ouvrages arrivent en fin de service. Une nouvelle méthode inciterait à rajeunir les infrastr