Mission and Goals

The mission of IMAC is to take advantage of multi-disciplinary synergies in order to study the real behavior civil-engineering structures. We maintain competence in structural mechanics, dynamics, measurement of full-scale structures, materials science and information technology. Comparison of data obtained from measurement systems with simulations improves development of appropriate predictive models. Finally, application of information technology has been shown to facilitate data management, collaboration between partners, structural control and decision support.


  • Promote analytic and intuitive understanding of the mechanical behavior of structures.
  • Demonstrate appropriate applications of information technology to young students.
  • Provide courses and documentation on structural monitoring technology, computer aided engineering and structural dynamics to undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Offer courses at postgraduate levels on advanced informatics and communication for research engineers


Scheme describing what kind of research are done in the lab

The main areas of research and group leaders are

  • Structural Dynamics (Dr P. Lestuzzi)
  • Applied computing (Prof. I. Smith)
  • Active structures (Prof. I. Smith)

There are no rigid boundaries between groups; they signify only centres of competence. Several existing projects already include methods and techniques of more than one group. Many other synergies are expected in the future.

IMAC activity report

Activity report 2018
Activity report 2017
Activity report 2016